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Some Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the toilet keep filling?

This is an extremely common question. It's more than often caused by the flapper not closing properly, so it may be worn out and need replacing.

Why are my pipes making noise?

If your pipes are not secured properly, this can often cause them to rattle as the water flows through them. This is normally fairly simple to fix depending on their location

When and why would i need a plumber?

There are lot of simple issues than can sometimes be easily fixed with basic tools and experience. A plumber can investigate, determine and fix the root cause of the issue to stop it from coming back.

What uses the most water in my home?

It may seem like showering and baths use large amounts of water, however the toilet is normally the biggest culpit. Why? because used most frequently. Control your water bill low by ensuring toilets are running properly, without any leaks.